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Posted By: MetroPetro CONOCO Lucky Triangle - Thu Jun 18 2020 01:11 AM
I assume this was inserted in quarts (like plastic discs that Gulf used) to be found by the attendant when he added oil to a customers car. He would then remove from the can or funnel and redeem towards a gift or promotion from the company. The incentive was for the attendants to ask customers if they could check the oil, and then sell/add the quart(s) right there at the pump.

Anyone have any similar ones from other oil companies?

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Posted By: Dave Rowlison Re: CONOCO Lucky Triangle - Thu Jun 18 2020 08:35 AM
I have these from Marathon.
I remember when the red ones came out in the mid-1960's & they came in three colors, each color represented a prize amount.


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Posted By: mapper Re: CONOCO Lucky Triangle - Thu Jun 18 2020 11:43 PM
That's a neat idea. Thanks for sharing!
Posted By: Jolly-John Re: CONOCO Lucky Triangle - Fri Jun 19 2020 01:23 AM
Justice Brothers oil additive products still use this "reward token" promotional incentive inside many of their current products. John
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