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Posted By: Hardy's Garage G& B90 - Mon Apr 27 2020 11:57 PM
I have what I believe is a G&B 90 gas pump that is missing it's ID tag, I'm working on the pump and need some help removing the knurled knob that resets the clockface hands. I can not tell how the knob is removed from the shaft that passes through the clockface glass and would appreciate hearing from any member that has experience with this model pump. Attached are a few pictures that show the pump and knob I'm talking about. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thank you. Marshall

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Posted By: Man-Cave-Shoppe Dave Re: G& B90 - Tue Apr 28 2020 06:50 PM
Congrats!! That is a cool pump!!
Posted By: petropumps Re: G& B90 - Tue Apr 28 2020 09:22 PM
I haven't worked on one of those in quite a while but I believe it twists off with reverse threads...clockwise to remove. Wish I remembered for sure.
Posted By: Hardy's Garage Re: G& B90 - Wed Apr 29 2020 12:10 AM
I appreciate your reply petropumps and believe the clockface has left hand threads as well. The problem is that the knurled knob turns freely in both directions so all it does is spin. There is something on the end of the shaft inside the reset knob as can be seen in the last photo. Not sure if it comes off or if it broke off. I would think the shaft would break first.
Posted By: gasmelincelr Re: G& B90 - Wed Apr 29 2020 05:05 PM
This may not be very helpful, but it’s something. My knob is different than yours, and I jury rigged mine a long time ago to stay in place with a set screw. The end of the shaft on mine is threaded. My knob likely used to thread on, and maybe I destroyed the threads in the knob trying to get it off. I can’t remember, LOL.

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Posted By: Hardy's Garage Re: G& B90 - Wed Apr 29 2020 11:49 PM
Thanks for the reply Brian. It's not surprising that the same model pump would have variations. The largest difference is more than I might expect. My glass faces are flush with the opening in the sheet metal.Your photo does give me some idea on how I might have to modify mine if I end up having to cut the knob off. There is almost 3/8" of shaft the extends out beyond the glass and I could thread it, if necessary, to accept a different knob.
Posted By: Hardy's Garage Re: G& B90 - Thu Apr 30 2020 11:38 PM
I took another look at my pump and my previous comment assumed that the glass on Brian's pump was close to the dial face. Upon closer inspection it looks like the glass may be missing, as the slot around the outside of the face pan is very evident, or the glass is extremely clean and missing it's span rings.

Did some more cleaning and tinkering with my pump. It appears that there is a fitting inside the hollow knurled knob. The face of the fitting has a hole in it which I believe is threaded to fit over the rod that holds the hands in place, There is also a slot in it but the edges of the slot appear damaged and a screw diver will not bite in a counter clockwise direction. The edges of the slot are good for a clockwise direction. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me which was the fitting needs to be turned to remove it from the rod!
Posted By: Hardy's Garage Re: G& B90 - Tue May 26 2020 03:56 PM
I was able to figure out how the hands are removed without breaking any thing and thought I post in case someone else could use this information. The outer longer hands are removed from the smaller threaded rod in a clockwise motion, while the inner shorter hands remove in a counter clockwise direction. Please keep in mind this is how my G&B 90 pump's clockface was set and this may not be true for all G&B 90 pumps or other clockface pumps.
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