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Posted By: kenr gas pump - Sun Nov 13 2016 07:16 PM
Im thinking about doing my first gas pump restoration. With me being new is there a particular pump that is better to restore than an other
Posted By: Keystone Gas Man Re: gas pump - Sun Nov 13 2016 10:42 PM
Tokheim 39 or 300 are fun....But none are EASY..Good Luck!!
Posted By: MATT ALVAREZ Re: gas pump - Mon Nov 14 2016 01:44 AM
For your first pump I would buy something that is complete and in good shape. That would make things better and easier for your first one.
Posted By: Oldgas Re: gas pump - Mon Nov 14 2016 02:08 AM
I'm with Matt. Searching for hard to find parts, figuring out what's missing and wrestling with badly damaged pieces can take the fun out of a first restoration. Find a complete pump you like.
Posted By: Jack Sim Re: gas pump - Mon Nov 14 2016 03:32 AM
Would like to email you but I don't do PMs. I have a complete Bowser for sale very reasonable, you can call me at 314-427-3943.

I am in the suburbs of St. Louis.

Jack Sim
Posted By: harleykids Re: gas pump - Fri Nov 18 2016 03:26 AM

Speaking of Bowser pumps, I have a 241 that is complete except for the top light tower pole and light shade and fixture, the nozzle and hose, and the pole that the hose attaches to.

Would you happen to have any of these parts? If so, please email me at the email below.

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