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Posted By: Steven C. Generic Wayne 60 question - Sat Jun 18 2016 10:56 AM
On many Wayne 60's, we see this rising sun looking add glass.
Is there a proper name for this glass?
Is this just a generic piece that Wayne shipped the pumps with and it would then be replaced by the buyer?

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Posted By: DWSheffer Re: Generic Wayne 60 question - Sat Jun 18 2016 07:29 PM
Hey Steve,
I see the post has quite a few looks but no responses yet. I am a little confused so others might be too. The "rising sun" piece is not glass but a separate chrome plated metal insert in front of a piece of generic frosted ad glass. I'm pretty sure generic pumps would have been shipped with these standard, as all the period advertisements I've seen for 60's show unbranded examples with these in place as it was part of the original beautiful design.
I would assume pumps ordered brand specific were either shipped with the brand's ad glass, or the rising sun design insert and frosted ad glass was switched out after they were delivered to the station. I have no knowledge of that specifically, maybe Jack Sim would. I would also assume Jack may also know if the pump repair manuals give this part a specific name as well.
Posted By: Steven C. Re: Generic Wayne 60 question - Sat Jun 18 2016 08:45 PM
Thanks Darin!! So it's a metal overlay. I didn't know that!!

I've of course seen them before, did't know they were metal, and I noticed in Bradens'(bsplichal95) "the stuff is still out there" post, The pump he found some 80 years after it's birth, still has this plate.

So I was just wondering on the history of the style/look. Is this part of a Wayne trademark/logo?
Did they do this on other pumps?
Definitely questions for Mr. Sims.
Thanks again!
Posted By: J, Micieli Re: Generic Wayne 60 question - Sun Jun 19 2016 12:06 AM
Don't they call it "Sunburst", which are also sold repos.
Posted By: Scott Baselt Re: Generic Wayne 60 question - Mon Jun 20 2016 01:43 PM
Here you go Steve.

Posted By: ocsid Re: Generic Wayne 60 question - Tue Jun 28 2016 12:13 AM
Hi Steve,
From what i have been led to understand, They are called Sunburst plates and from what i have gathered, the Wayne 60's came out with them over the front of a frosted glass plate, They were then often removed and replaced with the Gas company brand name glass plate, and the sunburst plate left off, i've got 3 WB Wayne 60's 2 with old resto's and 1 unrestored, The restored ones both have Gas brand names and no Sunbuurst plates and the unrestored has the plates ???

Regards, larry
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