For Sale Forum Guidelines for Buyers and Sellers

The For Sale forum is intended strictly for buying and selling. Announcements of your eBay auctions may be placed here also.
Please restrict comments in this forum to those directly related to the buying or selling of the items listed in the topic.

All items for sale in this forum must be priced by the seller.

Items offered for sale must be owned by the seller and in his/her possession.

We accept and encourage member eBay announcements to be placed in the "For Sale or Trade Petroliana" forum OR the "online Auctions, eBay Petroliana" forum. Not both. eBay Announcement Topics posted in the For Sale forum will be subject to the Guidelines of the For Sale forum, so no critical posts about the seller, price or condition of the item. Please post the auction title and a complete link to the eBay auction.

New Members are restricted from posting New Topics in the For Sale forums until they have demonstrated knowledge of the forum and how our online community works with their posts. After 4 such posts, including posting a photo, new members may request an upgrade to regular privileges. Request an upgrade by clicking on the Contact link near the top of this page.

Posts that criticize the condition or price of the item will be deleted.
If you don't like the price or the item, pass on it or send the seller a PM or email.
If you want to offer a lower price, a package deal or trade, do it via email or PM message not on the seller's topic. You may post "PM sent" if you like, but keep the secondary offer private.
Posts that are "off-topic" and not directly related to the selling of the item will be deleted.

Sellers may not request payment for the sale of an item to be paid through Paypal as a gift.

Reproduction, fantasy or other newly made items must be clearly described as such.
All reproduction and fantasy signs, globes, cans and bottles must be marked in a permanent manner for said items to be offered for sale on Your cooperation on this is required for future participation.

The "For Sale Petroliana for Bids, Offers and Trades (unpriced)" forum is available for new topics only by established members who have a valid reason. Make the request by clicking the Contact link.Auctions in the Unpriced For Sale forum must have a specific end time and any other conditions defined in the first post.

This forum category is for gas station collectibles and auto service memorabilia, which includes tire, battery, other auto service and auto dealership signs. Other items may be offered for sale in the Non-Petro For Sale category as explained in the Guidelines in that forum.

Bump posts to move your topic up the list - It all comes down to empathy and respect for the other members. By boosting up your topic, it pushes down the other topics in that forum. Practicing respect for each other is expected by everyone who participates. If the moderators feel that respect is lacking by a bumping incident, the bump post may be deleted and/or the topic locked. See details in the next post of this topic.

Members who notice questionable behavior or violations of the above guidelines are asked to click the "Notify" button in that post to alert the moderators. Thank You.