Wart to pass along some information to the OLDGAS community about one of the venders that does business on this site, PetroNuts,
I ordered a 13.5' white cloth hose 1" in. dia. What I received was a 13' white hose 1 3/4" dia. My project calls for a 1" hose, so it
would not work. I ordered a 1" hose and they shipped a 1 3/4" hose. Since this is a special order, they refused to refund my money
even though they shipped the wrong dia. hose. I called and left three messages and got no reply. So I sent an em to them...I did
get a smart-***** reply, Needless to say, I will do no more business with these folks....Little caution here, if you order anything
from PetroNuts, I very strongly recommend you inspect your order to make sure it is right before sending any money...Warren