One of my friends is making these really cool neon signs using some of my lenses.

These are sized to fit in anyone’s basement or small garage/pole barn.

None of the designs is taller than 36” or wider than 50”.

The cans are laser cut out of 16 gauge steel and TIG/MIG welded before being powder coated.

The faces are laser cut out of sheets of acrylic plastic.

And the neon is all hand bent by a master neon bender.

They are fully wired using all new materials and ready to hang.

He can make a sign using any of my lenses (or any other lenses you may have).

You can pick your brand - and have full control on the design and colors.

I will have about a half dozen of these at my booth at Columbus featuring various Oil Company logos.

Stop by and see them in person.

Later . . .