I recently sold my Tokheim 36B and the buyer did not want the stationlighter as he had no ceilings high enough to display the pump with the stationlighter attachment.
This stationlighter is the best one that you will ever find. It is completely original and in fantastic shape. Its in primer and ready to paint the color of your choice. It took me many long years to locate every part necessary to put this lighter on my pump exactly the way it was designed from the factory. It is complete, including the top and special ad glass frames used with the lighter assembly. The hard to find base that mounts inside the pump top is there and is complete with the lighting assembly!
If you would like to put a stationlighter on top of your Tokheim 36 B, then you need to buy this assembly. It contains EVERY part you will need for the installation, along with every bolt and screw needed!
If you have a decent top already on your pump, I will allow a $750 trade in for your top, since you will be needing this specialized stationlighter top to accomplish this project.

Price for everything needed is $2750

It isn't cheap but is priced at what I paid for all of this stuff many years ago. It took a long time to gather all of the correct original parts and if you took your time and sourced out these parts individually, it would certainly cost this much or more and then you would be doing the work necessary for painting preparation!
If you have any questions on this stationlighter assembly--please feel free to contact me at 701-739-6133
I can provide individual pictures of all the parts if needed.
Thank you for looking--KEVIN