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30” Valvoline sign find #752604 08/02/2020 9:36 PM
by vwtdi1955
Hello all,

A friend of mine just walked in with this 30” double sided Valvolne sign (I attached some pictures, I’m hoping they show up). The one side isn’t too bad, but the other side is covered with a tar like substance that needs to come off. I suspect it was used to cover some kind of hole and driven over (looks like tire tread or chicken wire pattern) and some kind of 'cement' was used to hold it in place for whatever. It’s marked A Fogarty on the bottom, it is old for sure, it’s worth saving. I just don’t know what is the best procedure to get this tar off and any help is appreciated in helping to save this sign because it’s deserving. Thanks in advance, please look at the attached pictures, Keith from PA
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Re: 30” Valvoline sign find #752612 Aug 2nd a 11:57 PM
Diesel fuel would be a great start and won't hurt the porcelain at all!
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Re: 30” Valvoline sign find #752611 Aug 2nd a 11:51 PM
by wayno48
How about diesel fuel it eats up asphalt when it leeks on the road ?
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Re: 30” Valvoline sign find #752635 Aug 3rd a 10:49 AM
by nochevys
looking at the scratches on the 1st pic, That sign looks painted not porcelain. proceed cautiously at 1st.
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Re: 30” Valvoline sign find #752796 Aug 6th a 07:54 PM
by SandPCollector
Well done! That cleaned up nicely.
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