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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" April 2020 #746157 04/02/2020 2:30 AM
by bsplichal95
Hey everyone!

The pump of the month for April is the Wayne 100A and the Wayne 100B pumps. Very short pumps!! Hopefully we will get a little bit better participation on this month!

Thanks everyone!
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" April 2020 #746550 Apr 7th a 08:12 PM
by Done4
Late to the show but here's mine.
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" April 2020 #746171 Apr 2nd a 04:54 AM
by Man-Cave-Shoppe Dave
Man-Cave-Shoppe Dave
This is the one I've had. Original True's oil/Rainbow Gas with one original ad glass.
I sold it before I started to collect True's oil items and didn't take out the ad glass.
Luckily the gent that I sold it to, carefully took it out when he restored it to Phillips with a station lighter and put it with a few other original ad glass pieces that he had taken out of other pumps.
I asked him about it a couple years later and ended up buying it and all his other original ad glass pieces!
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" April 2020 #746177 Apr 2nd a 09:31 AM
by Speedracer
I have two right now. These pics aren’t the greatest, I’m just happy to be able to participate in POTM again... lol. (You can see the first one in the background of the second picture.)
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" April 2020 #746178 Apr 2nd a 11:04 AM
by takitez
[Linked Image]
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" April 2020 #746186 Apr 2nd a 02:47 PM
by nes
[Linked Image from stac3.com] [Linked Image from stac3.com]
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Re: POTM "Pump of the Month" April 2020 #746187 Apr 2nd a 03:20 PM
by ConocoRetiree
Here is a Conoco Wayne 100-A in Hutchinson, KS. This photo comes from the Conoco Collectors Bible book by Todd Helms.

These are quite rare for Conoco. While Conoco used Wayne 60 and Wayne 70 gas pumps extensively in the late 1930's and early 1940's, they had purchased an interest in Martin & Schwartz in 1945 and began using the new M&S 80 almost exclusively for the next decade or so. While Conoco - and the other three oil company owners - sold out of M&S in 1949, Conoco at that time (and presumably the others too) signed a 5 year contract to purchase M&S pumps - which took their buying of M&S pumps into 1954. Thus, the entire time that the Wayne 100-A was being produced Conoco was buying almost exclusively from M&S. (When the 5-year contract expired, Conoco tended to favor the Tokheim 300).

I suspect the very few examples of Wayne 100-A pumps at Conoco stations were pumps that were purchased by an independent dealer before conversion to Conoco.

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