You mentioned in your last post about doing more research. The For Sale section is not the right forum, but want to share with you some differences that I see that hopefully will help you. The "please return key" script is different. Especially the word please. The script in the lettering is different, especially the "swoops in the P and last E. Also, the "S" is very different. The lettering abocve the keys is slightly thinner than it should be. As Avertologist shows on his sign, you are missing all of the lettering on the back of the sign. As far as the keys, they "X and the A" are missing the distinct white outline trim. Also, the script of LADIES is wrong. Note the "L" for one. Also, the "MEN'S" key has the wrong script and the originals didn't use "MEN'S" with the possesive " 'S" Ladies and Men....they are plural...not possesive. I hope this helps. Again, I only mention these things as you indicated you needed to do more research. Regards...Alex