Congratulations Jim on the 25th anniversary of this wonderful site. I know I would be lost if I wasn't able to check in multiple times a day, lol. It's my routine throughout the day at work to check in and see what's going on when I have a break. As with many others, I've had many true friendships materialize through this site....guys I've never met and may never meet, but we talk or text regularly. I guess I'm "old fashioned" in the fact that I'm younger and not on Facebook but that's fine, Old Gas has always offered all I need when it comes to gaining knowledge and getting help when I've needed it, and I truly appreciate all those that have taken the time to reply. Things have changed over the years, yes...but nothing stays the same forever. I've been saddened when members have passed away, people that I had never met in person, but still considered friends. Here's to another 25 years Jim!