This is a hard one. My favorite pump in my collection changes. My favorite pump style is a Bennett 371/541. My very first pump was a 541 I got in 1995 (still have it) and currently have 12 in my collection. So does that make it my favorite? There was a thread in the past about "if you could have any pump" or something like that and I posted a Erie 53. A while after that I got one and it was my favorite. A little later I got a Wayne 50 did it up and filled it. It became my favorite. Close to two years ago a good friend hooked me up with a rough Tokheim 36ADC and got it together and filled up. So right now it is my favorite because I like the look, the way it came out and because it came from my good friend, but I do still like the Bennett`s and Erie 53`s.