My favorite pump in my collection is my Wayne 60-S. About 8 years ago or so I noticed an ad was posted on a local classifieds list. The title said "Old Gas Pump" and that had me intrigued LOL. So I contacted the seller and they sent me pictures of the pump. I got 3 pictures and I could tell it was a Wayne 60 and that the motor or "guts" were shoved all the way down to the bottom of the pump. So I called them back right away and said I was coming to see and purchase the pump for the asking price. When we got there we realized that the pump was in a boarded up room inside of their old barn. So we had to take a wall down in the old barn to get the pump out of there. When the pump was all loaded up and we were ready to leave the lady asked if I wanted the top to the pump, and sure enough up in their upstairs closet was a wide body Skelly Supreme globe that came with the pump also! I have found a lot of great pumps and stuff over the years but the story and pump with this purchase is still my favorite so far!