Hi All,

This is my second post since joining earlier (the first being in regards to McColl Frontenac).

I have a Mobil Oil Pegasus sign that we’ve had in the family for nearly 40years (proper barn find without the find!). My father says it came from the Art Deco petrol station in Potters Bar, London, England. It’s 2.3 metres at longest point and approx 1.6m tall at its tallest point.

I’ve been doing some research but have been unable to track anything similar. I see a few of the lovely porcelain signs but this is made of heavy duty Perspex plastic (the machine must have been massive to injection mould this!).

Questions I have -

Has anyone seen these Perspex signs before?

I’m guessing it is dated early to mid 50s would this be right ?

Would this sign have been wall mounted and back lighted?

Appreciate any guidance or intel