The discription is what it was listed as when I got it 3/4 years ago. I have bought a dash instrument cluster for it and marker lights . Truck does run and drive needs to be rewired for all the lights etc. Have the wire unit for it to be done. Will trade truck older gas pumps and signs gas and oil related. Am asking $6500 or best offer.see all pictures please thank you .truck is located at this time in west heaven Vermont. Floors need work as well and doors / steps it’s a project I’m sure or something just to have as yard art . But I feel it still has life left in it to the person that can work on this. I don’t have the time or tools much less the knowledge. Feel free to ask questions thanks Chris

Esso /Socony / gas pumps / quarts/ 2 gallon hobbie we love it !!! We have enjoyed this hobbie and the friends we’ve made .