I was going through some of my old stuff and came upon quite a few gas station credit card receipts. They are from the late 1960's. These have some neat color logos on them from Midwest independent brands Western, Erickson of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and Wisco "99" (Wisconsin Independent Oil Company). In addition, there are credit card machine receipts from more main stream brands like Texaco, Pure, Union 76, Shell, Deep Rock, and Conoco. Again, all have nice color company logo's on them. Most of these receipts are on heavy card stock, as was the custom back in the day.

I'm wondering if some of these have collector value as "smalls". Or, perhaps someone would be doing a replica old gas station, and want some to stick in the cash register or a credit card imprint machine. I realize these colorful logo receipts are only a little over 50 years old, but I felt the gang here on Old Gas would be able to give me some good advice. Thanks. John