A couple thoughts. I looked at the Ebay listing of the one currently for sale. Unfortunately the resolution is poor when you enlarge them, but the 4th picture would lead me to believe the can is OK. You can usually tell by the seam area if a can is a vinyl or paper wrap reproduction, and that one looks OK to me. I'm not a Cosden collector and know nothing about the brand or this particular can's value, but you say yours is metal and must not be an obvious repro with a vinyl or paper wrap as you have it in hand. I can't see anyone going to the expense of reproducing a handful of lithographed metal cans for a brand or design that isn't a known high dollar graphic can. I mean if you're going to reproduce something, you'd likely want to be faking high dollar cans, not $100 cans. Just my opinion...

Darin Sheffer
Always looking for Mobil and Marathon items I don't already have!