Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great month of November and a wonderful Thanksgiving! It’s that time of the month again and I want to thank you all for the active participation each month!

For this month I am doing a pretty unique Wayne model. These pumps have a beautiful simple cabinet design with bad ***** features like the square clock mech, light shades, and the top. This is the Wayne 861 model. The 861 is a very unique pump and stands out among many other clockfaces. These pumps were manufactured in 1932. I am also going to include the Wayne 861-40 and 864. The 861-40 is very similar to an 861, however it has a Wayne 40 top, visi, base, and also modified 40 and 861 bezel into one, making this a very rare pump. The 864 on the other hand has a Wayne 40a top, base, visi, and also a 40a and 862 modified bezel. Please feel free to add any information that I may have missed.

I do not have any of these three pumps unfortunately but here is a picture of an 861 out of Jacks book. Thank you all and have a wonderful Christmas!