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1. Is there any place that sells items specifically for the Bennett 371?

A lot of the common Bennet parts in the 300 and 500 series are used on both, if it is the parts you are talking about here. If you want original parts contact Tom Buckles. If you want quality reproduction parts try Ron Scobie.

2. So based upon the spacing of the holes in the photos, can someone suggest what was likely on the front/back, and sides?

The 5 x 6” holes are definitely for “contains lead” signs. The id tag mounts to the access door. I have never really seen one mounted anywhere else from the factory.

3. What are the two rather large holes for on the top?

I’m not sure, but it seems someone else answered that.

4. I have already purchased the glass globe halves and intend to buy the plastic holder.

For proper terminology it sounds like you bought the glass lenses.

a. Do I need a globe lamp stand? (e.g. Gas Pump Heaven Item Number CWS)

You will need a 6” steel globe holder which can be painted, or you can buy a polished steel or aluminum one.

b. Do I need the metal snap rings to hold the glass into the plastic holder?

No, the reproduction lenses fit into the groove in the reproduction plastic Capco body.

c. The hole in the top is 4 3/8" in diameter. What holds the globe to the top?

You will center the metal globe holder on the opening and bolt it to the top with the existing holes (you may have to drill new ones because the pattern may be different). The globe body is held in the globe ring with three set screws that you hand tighten. Google some pictures, it will help you out.

I will tell you one more piece of advice, if you bought the glass globe lenses at GPH, then buy the plastic body from them. They make their own and I don’t believe they are very compatible with the other ones on the market.

Hope this helps,
Steve B.

-Steve B. (WTB: 48" Flying A button, 48" black/org Phillips 66, White Star, and Chevrolet Signs. Also looking for a Wayne 866. Send a PM. Thanks.)