Hello everyone, I want to thank you all again for the great participation on these posts. The pump of the month for this month is a National A-38 and models similar. This pump and all of these varieties have awesome art deco designs and a beautiful tops with big curved ad glass.

-National A: 1936: External visi and computer.
-National B: Clockface with external visi (Never seen one)
-National A-1: 1936-1940. Computer with internal sight glass.
-National B-1: Clockface with internal sight glass.
-National BM-1: 1936. Computer pump with display case and with internal sight glass. I think it should be classified as AM-1 since B stands for clockface.
-National A-38: 1938-1949. Computer pump with internal sight glass.
-National A-38H: Computer pump with internal sight glass, hose outlet coming out of the base and hung on a hook on the side panel.
-National B-38: 1939. Clockface with internal sight glass.

Thank you to everyone again and I hope we get some good participation for this month. I do not have any of these models listed yet, so here is a picture of a national A-1 out of the book.