Attached (I hope) are photos of the white front (or back), one of the green sides, and top of the pump. I have added the spacing of the holes.

I assume that when the pumps were in use there were no decals, but instead the information was on metal plates screwed to sheet metal.

Here are my questions:

1. Is there any place that sells items specifically for the Bennett 371?

2. So based upon the spacing of the holes in the photos, can someone suggest what was likely on the front/back, and sides?

3. What are the two rather large holes for on the top?

4. I have already purchased the glass globe halves and intend to buy the plastic holder.
a. Do I need a globe lamp stand? (e.g. Gas Pump Heaven Item Number CWS)
b. Do I need the metal snap rings to hold the glass into the plastic holder?
c. The hole in the top is 4 3/8" in diameter. What holds the globe to the top?
5. Now that I know that the 371 and 541 are essentially the same pumps, I was going to buy the computer face that is listed for the 541, but I noticed two things: 1) The long edges of the face seem to be turned up and mine are flat and, 2) One of the two originals has two small rectangular slits for the station owner to read sales volume I believe, has the part number 371-M-400-1, and the other does not have the slits, part number 371-M-400-2. Both originals have the hole for the sight glass bezel, but the reproduction for the 541 with slits lacks the sight glass bezel hole. ?????

6. Also included here is a picture of the Bennett tag. A long time ago someone got happy with some weird green paint. My pump is not going into a museum, but what do you suggest?

Gas pump face.jpg Gas pump sidejpg.jpg Gas pump top.jpg Gas pump tag.jpg

Jim Perry
P and B Motorsports