I've seen what Randy posted before. And although somewhat accurate, I question it's level of detail.
For example, this first picture is a little book I have dated 1929 and it carry's the "Sun Oils" diamond on it.
The second picture, 1926 is oldest I can find of the main sign saying "Sunoco". Note, no arrows yet. One thing I've often wondered, before the "Sunoco" main signs came out, what did they use as a main sign? Although first station I think was 1922, so I guess there really wasn't a reason for a main sign before that. Speaking of that, where did one go to buy say, Sunoco motor oil prior to there being stations?
The third picture, doing quick search through things, is oldest thing I can find with arrows.
As for the phrase "The Distilled Oil", I can't find anything beyond this 1929 advertisement using that phrase. Picture four. I know it wasn't too long after that, that the phrase "Mercury Made" comes into play.
Sorry, went a little beyond your question. Once I get digging into things hard not post a little more.
I'm disappointed I couldn't find more detail on your question. I thought I had more dated material that would zero in on it more.
BTW, would love to see pics of documents you purchased!!!

1929-1.JPG 1926 NY (2).jpg 1928 newspaper ad large sign 2a.jpg 1929 newspaper ad distilled2a.JPG
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Steve Coppens
Always interested in Sunoco items!
Really want a Sunoco National pump ad glass!!