I got the frosted glass lenses from you, assuming T-way is T-waygraphics.com. Best price I've found at $25 each! Now I'll have to check your prices on ad glass. I need two ETHYL panels for my 39 Short, not the one shown as my profile avatar. That pump is the first one I bought last year, which was branded "Rocket", an obscure fuel oil company in SW Wisconsin. I have seen a poor picture of the brand and its a simple arrow/rocket shape, but not the same as the Rocket brand from California.

I should have bought the CAPCO body from you also, again only $25 each instead of the $35 each I paid on ebay. I'll have to check if my globe frames are marked capolite. Is there something specific about the CAPCO body that suits the glass installation?

Any reason to be concerned about the plastic globe frame degrading in the sun? Both of my pumps will be outside my shop garage.

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