Hello OG World

Last Year I had some of these Gas Pump Blue Books reprinted. I sold all of those and have been asked if I was going to be getting another small batch printed.

The Gas Pump Blue Book lists the serial numbers and production numbers by year for many of the gas pump manufacturers. This book has 106 pages and features all 3 editions which cover the years of 1927 through 1952. It was originally compiled by the Gasoline Pump Manufacturers Association.

I know many of the OG guys have this book, so for those new to our hobby and those that have missed the opportunity to purchase this book in previous years, I am looking at doing a minimum of 12 books. Guessing $25.00 -$27.00 for each book which would include shipping anywhere in the continental US.

If you are interested, please let me know.

Thanks Neil in Green Bay, WI