Happy New Year!!

The pump of the month for January 2019 is the Bennett 300 and 500 series pumps. 300 series pumps have a pipe frame, and 500 series have an angled iron frame. These pumps are fairly common in the 371 and 541's. They have a fantastic style to them. Some models are hard to find and rare too. What a great looking pump. Participate if you can with history, pictures of your pumps, or old station photos with them if you have them.

Here is the models included in this months thread:

-Bennett 371: 1934-1941. Came in 2 or 4 ad glass models. Original cost was $220.
-Bennett 373: 1934-1941. Clockface model. Came with no ad glass, 2 ad glass, 4 ad glass. Either electric or even hand operated visi gauge model.
-Bennett 372-F: 1934-1941. Twin computing model with each pump having 4 ad glass panels.
-Bennett 383-B: 1934-1941. Computer version. 2 ad glass.
-Bennett 541: 1939-1941. Came in no ad glass, 2 or 4 ad glass models.
-Bennett 542-F: 1940-1941. Twin pump with 4 ad glass pumps. 2 individual bases bolted together.
-Bennett 543-B: 2 ad glass model.
-Bennett 543-F: 1939-1941. 4 ad glass model.
-Bennett 546-B, 555-B, 566-B, 567-B: 1940-1941. High sight glass above the face. Came with the option of an ad glass panel within the face opening. Could've came in clockface non electric model with a visi gauge and hand operated.

Thank you everyone and I hope 2019 goes great for all of us out here in OldGas!!

Braden Splichal