Dear Oldgas friends.

I write you to tell you that the English translated version of my Thesis Dissertation titled The Forgotten Years of Bibendum. Michelin’s American Period in Milltown: Design, Illustration and Advertising by Pioneer Tire Companies (1900-1930) is now available online at the University of Barcelona Thesis Depository:

The Thesis Dissertation was presented in 2015 and the English translation was finished in 2018 thanks to the financial support of the late Bruce T. Halle and the management of Susan Driver, curator of the Collection of Discount Tire turn of the Century lithograph tire posters. I’m so grateful for their support and endorsement.

The pdf files has been prepared and concived to be printed on paper. The Thesis can be downloaded separately by chapters, where the images appear reproduced in full color and in good resolution.

Files with the covers/back covers of the four volumes are also provided. It is made with the intention that everyone can print it on paper and bind it for your own enjoyment.

I think you will delight it, specially the chapters dedicated to American forgotten tire companies such as FISK, KELLY, REPUBLIC, GILLETTE, HOOD, MILLER, LEE, among others. I recommend reading first the Preface+Foreword plus Introduction to understand what kind of work it is.

Although it is deep in the textual content, do not worry ... it is not boring, and it is also very visual (it contains more than 4,400 images, most of them never published before).

I 'm looking forward to reading your opinions...

I wish you enjoy it!

Your friend in Barcelona,


**And excuse-me for my sure horrible English. Do not worry ... the thesis has been translated into a perfect American English by a professional translator! ;-)

Dr. Pau Medrano-Bigas
Professor of Graphic Design at the Grade of Design.
Department of Visual Arts and Design.
Sant Jordi Faculty of Fine Arts.
University of Barcelona.
Member of GRACMON,
Research Group in
Contemporary Art and Design History,
University of Barcelona.
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