Gentlemen, thank you for your advice on shipping. We all have our own experiences on shipping without going into a long story, I prefer Local P/U. on things I sell. No disputes then on the item I'm selling.
Most pics I have received of items I've bought have made the item look better than it really are, only been a handful in 30 years that the item was better than the pic. They see it in person, look
it over and make there decision and lots of times end up buying other things that may or may not be for sale.

I will post some more pics for those who asked in PM's

The pump plate is held on with magnets!! and there is one only, never have been able to find another. Asked where's the globe, It has an original one piece globe not included,
most people don't want to pay for one, so buyer can buy his own reproduction if he wants
Restored 4-5 years ago, 74 and need to downsize some
Thank You for all the Interest shown on my pump

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