After four or five years of day-dreaming and talking about building a backyard gas station to house all the petroliana that I have accumulated over some fifty years, I realized that I had better get down to business since I am not getting any younger! I have a 40x60 building in which I currently store most of it along with a few old cars. My first thought was to erect two non load bearing walls in one corner of my building and have an indoor gas station in the 15x15 area that I use for an office.

Then I realized that an outdoor gas station would free up enough space in my 40x60 that I could possibly actually work on a car and move around a lot more easily. Not only that, I already had a cement slab nearby that once supported a one car garage that we tore down when we first purchased the property. I bit the bullet earlier this month and purchased a pre-built "cabin" that I really liked. It is 14x24, 4' of which is a covered porch on the front end. So, my plan is to finish off the inside and then transfer most of what is in my 15x15 office into what is a 14x20 space.

I was so excited when the structure was delivered that I could not sleep that night. I don't have a plan on paper yet, but the layout is etched in my brain. I will post before and after pics as soon as I have it finished. My personal goal is to have everything done before the first snow. Wish me luck!