You did better than me--I had to read that again, because my brain skipped from butt to deck and came out butt check. : o Then I was thinking about water butts, and it took me the third try to get it right.

Well, it's been tick season here with all the rain we had a few weeks ago--checking for ticks is what is happening here a lot! Bob had me check something on him just a few hours ago, and I got an early instar dog tick off me just last month that had been feeding for a while. Had the tick checked for all the fun stuff they are carrying now-a-days, and it was clean, but that's no guarantee so fingers crossed. Fortunately it was not a deer tick (Lyme disease) nor a lone-star-tick (that-allergic-to-meat disease they carry that is popping up in MD according to my allergist), although it may be only a matter of time before more carry all those.

Speaking of meat--sorry you had to burn those steaks Les, but I can't think of a nicer spot to do it.

Beautiful summer day here--but was stuck inside working. Tomorrow morning, I hope to get out a little to get some exercise in the below 70 early a.m., then the weather starts to get hot again.

Wait--it's tomorrow already! Dang. Better get to bed, or that early exercise ain't happening.

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