Morning all. Just got home in the wee hours this morning from two weeks in Italy. To say I'm glad to be home would be an understatement. We had a good time and glad I went but two weeks of tours and people is just not my bag. This was my wife's dream trip that I reluctantly agreed to do, mainly due to one week being on a bicycle in Tuscany! But she has endured many years of trips with me that weren't her bag so I figured I owed her this one at least. We spent a week in Rome which was crazy with huge crowds to do everything. It is just hard for me to enjoy something when you're constantly standing in lines and crowds but still glad I got to see it all in person I guess. The bike trip through Tuscany was beautiful though and the tour group we were with was first class and made it really enjoyable. For you who wonder how this old man could ride a bike for six days the answer is a wonderful invention called the E-bike. Not quite a motorcycle but I couldn't believe how those things work. Technology is truly amazing! By the end of the week the rest of the group was pretty envious of those that had one but most wouldn't admit it.... I'm ready to get back to my shop and some peace and quiet. There's no place like home..... GB