Haven't posted for a while. Other than finding a rare globe or sign, I really enjoy finding banners and station items that weren't meant to be around for a long time. I had never seen one of these. I have one of the signs that go on top, just never saw the rack. This was a NOS rack that was still sealed when the person posted it on eBay. Even better, my oldest son happened to be in Spokane and saved me a 300 mile one way trip. Was wondering if any of you guys had seen one of these before? No date on the instructions, but I think they started to use "Quality Line in the late 60s and into the 70s. I am like a kid at Christmas with a new box of tinker toys.

Texaco Rack Quality Line Oldgas 1.jpg Texaco Rack Quality Line Oldgas 2.jpg

Looking for Texaco and Power Gasoline items