Your pump is a version of the Wayne 577-R. This pump was originally sold for commercial use and these pumps were used to fuel trucks or other heavy equipment. Notice the long hose, much longer than hoses that were used in service stations that catered to normal automobiles and the lack of ad-glass panels usually indicates a commercial use. It wasn't necessary to advertise the gas company because gas was not sold to the public.
As I said it is a version of the 577-R, the picture I have of the pump has the sight glass just an inch or two above the face bezel. My records show that this pump was made from 1946 to 1949. You decide which year you want to use and I will post a serial number that was used. Also, nothing on any ID tag ever indicated what colors were used on the pump and with a few exceptions the name of the company also was not on the ID tag.

Here are some pictures that are on my website:

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