No problem at all, Darin. And all items reported, Mike, good idea.

Odd choice by the seller...either lazy or not very smart. They took the time to list over 250 items, which takes a hell of a long time, so either they're all fake or they got tired of taking pictures. Laziness seems doubtful as I find it hard to believe a Wadhams Mobiloil can in that condition pops up alongside Morphy's at the same exact time. But, if one were to argue for laziness, a Google search for that can yields only Morphys can and one other that is too jacked up to be worth using. If it wasn't for the two other identical lots and the low ratings (if any as a seller) I would give them benefit of the doubt but everything leads me to say it's BS. Strange

Looking for Michelin items + NJ oil company related items (Mohawk, Guardian, Whiz, etc) + animal-related petroliana + Gargoyle/Shell/Sinclair items