I have not seen any "lets see your..." threads lately so I thought I would do one. It has been a while sense the new shoe box bodies that Paul Bell is making have been out so hoping there is a lot of pumps being topped off. Please share your pump, shoe box lenses, bodies and/or shoe box holders. If your pump is not complete we still want to see it. If you do not like dealing with or have trouble posting pictures please send them to me, I will post them. My email is in my profile.

The first shoe box pumps were designed for the Tidewater Co. (Tydol). They are a little shorter and wider than other pumps of the time period. They have a stair stepped or raised center top that is finished off with a shoe box globe. They also have vertical moldings. The pumps that followed these are standard production pumps with a shoe box holder made to fit that model of pump and vertical moldings. Some of the first Tidewater pumps were sold only to Tidewater and some were available to any oil company. The Bennett 155 is a example.

I will start off by sharing my Wayne 60T`s. The 60T is may favorite of all the shoe box pumps. My original plan was to restore them. One orange and black (regular) and the other cream and black (ethyl). I started messing with the red one to give me an idea what it would look like. I then decided not to restore them so the as found look of the red one is gone. The green one got a shoe box globe, holder and signs. Other than that it is still in as found condition.

I likeShell [Linked Image from imagizer.imageshack.com]