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Why couldn't I find anything in your area when I spent 90 days in the Lindberg section of Holland (actually Honesbrook)? Just a few miles from Liege.

I guess you just got their first. Nice selection.

Jack Sim

Hi Jack, if you come again near me you're welcome to my home, you'll get a free tour of my collection and and a warm welcome

for the items it's been really quite calm for a few months now, antique markets and flea markets are seems to be really poor in quality items, the problems is that Liege is near Holland, germany, luxembourg and France so there are a lot of sellers who who come here to buy and sells in their country

I see also most of the rare and good condition items have been bought and what's left for now are rusty damaged items

if you came near me, here are some of good spot where you can still find sometimes a good item :

* flea market in liege, every friday , boulevard de la constitution, 4020 Liege from 6am to 12 am

* antique market in Tongeren, every Sunday of the year from 6 a.m to 1 p.m.


In Holland, 2 times a year, rock around the jukebox show, in may it's outside, in october it's inside

it's at the autotron place, but it's around 14 € entrance + parking fees

there is also each month car show there but it's mostly show and shine cars


* each year in belgium there is the car show "ciney retromoteur" at the ciney expo near namur, entrance is around 15 €


there are a lot but mostly pricey

to find good shows I used this website, it's in dutch but they list most of the belgian and dutch car shows and meeting : http://www.oldtimerweb.be/oldtimer-evenementen.aspx

in my case it's been a year since I find less and less items in shows but more on ebay, that's sad

Have a merry christmas

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