Dear Old Gas friends.

In the last six or seven years it has appeared many Michelin figures and signs, showing Bibendum, the tire brand mascot man.
Here I show some of the most common counterfeits that are flooding the pages of ebay (especially on eBay UK and eBay USA) but we can already see in online stores of "antiques" and even items offered by prestigious auction rooms.

There are figures of all types. Some shows an old look, though they are quite new and have never been existed before as original and authentic elements of Michelin advertising. Others merely reproduce originally plastic figures in chrome metal. A curious case is a Michelin tires for cycles enamel sign, originally produced in lithographed sign in France ... but NEVER as enameled sign, and that can be seen for sale "suitably aged".

I hope the images will help to identify them.

Please do not contribute to the chain of confusion, which affects the credibility of collecting and honest businesses engaged in this work.

Your friend in Barcelona city, Catalonia (Spain),