So it sounds like (to a very select few) I was supposed to click the buy it now button. Pay the seller (antique dealer/picker who is a power seller with 5000+ feedback) what his asking price was than send him a request to pay more because he didnt ask enough? Can someone tell me if they've ever heard of such a thing on ebay? Now I have (more than once) been in a situation at a yard sale or local inquiry to buy items where they asked me for a fair offer because I inquired and my price was 3x what they would have asked for it and I was happy to pay it.

For what it's worth... to those who feel bad for this seller (for some reason) rest assured I did pay more than the auction price to get the sign. Even though I wasn't obligated to do so. I wanted to make sure the seller had no hard feelings and all was well.

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