I'm at a loss of words right now. Just plain in total shock!!
We Just got home from a trip up to see a fellow Old-Gasser and find this thread and thought it was a joke.
The man contacted me on my Birthday this year to welcome me to the old farts club.
Talked about him getting better so he'd be back at Iowa gas next year.
We have been pming back and forth over the last week over a few things and his last message to me was @ 9:20 last night and I wondered this morning why he had not read my reply ........
DB, I will miss you bigtime. It has been an honor to know you, learn from you and call you my friend!
And it's sad to think that the idiots in Washington who think they have all the answers to Healthcare probably took away this wealth of knowledge way too soon!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to all his
friends .

Just to share a few of his last DB's from my PM with him:

"He [them] who keeps mouth shut collects No Flies, tells No Lies"

"Some times it Feels good being a DICK!"



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