Thanks for your words, Nicole, Mark, Wes, Dick, Dave and the rest of OldGas colleagues.

I'm not an expert on the inmense field of Automobile related, Gas & Oil memorabilia...

I can only help with Tire collectibles and specially Michelin collectibles.

In fact, I'm a big collector on all tire companies (US, british and European) in years near 1900s to 1940s, and one of the most important collectors and historians on the Michelin Tire Company advertising. I use to lend part of my collection to Michelin Company in France for Exhibitions, and to write academic articles about Tire stories and specially related with advertising, Graphic design, illustration and illustrators.

I'm 47 years old. Now Associated Professor, Department of Design and Image, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. Bachelor of Fine Arts, speciality in Graphic Design. Working professionally in the publishing industry as a graphic designer and art director for the past sixteen years, and currently combining the teaching activity and the PhD research on the Thesis about Design, illustration and Advertising in pioneer tire companies (1900-1930) in wich the Michelin Company story is the central axis.

So, with humility and without wanting to sound pedantic in any way, I really know what I'm talking about.

And I hate people who, consciously, are dedicated to deceive others to make money...
Sharing information helps others to know the reality and freely decide what they want to do.

Also, as rightly said Mark,
"the future of our hobby will logically trend to authenticity; historically accurate restoration & preservation of memorabilia should be paramount... "

Best wishes from sunny mediterranean Barcelona.

Sincerely, Pau Medrano-Bigas.

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