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there is a new member here by the name of "jerry westfield" and his profile is link below...registered 3/2013......


i have some business with him and I did a google search and nothing comes up with his name or as a pump collector in Orlando Florida..can ANYBODY verify his existence and legitimacy??? does anybody know him??

I do not need people to verify my existence to this man. Those who know me from the few shows I get around to and items I buy have no need to support your threating game. I am not shaken by your threating PM!

For anyone wanting to know what this is about, here is the deal. I have called roadrelics out for posting a reproduction item on eBay in a collectable category. Now I am the bad guy. Have a look at the item I am talking about: eBay auction number 290938913906 "1800's Budweiser Girl Calendar Replica dated 1966 Anheuser Bush OLD".

If you see my point, report it to eBay.

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