Dear Oldgas friends.

Here are another example of the fake Michelin cast iron figures that are runing now on ebay and other flea markets, sometimes with a high prize.

These figures, painted trying to imitate an antique appearance, are for sale as "original old" "vintage old 1920s-30s" and, only in few times, identify by honest dealers as "Modern Reproduction".

But these figures are not "reproductions".

Never existed before 2011, and are inspired (only inspired, because the resemblance is null) by the original official Michelin man metal figures used to decorate the air compressors.

These 1920s air compressors where available for Michelin garages in France and other european countries, and are now items highly sought by collectors.

Among these false figures, are particulary surprising the metal one with "REG 67548 Detroit" inscription on the back... or a similar little one riding a motobike...

You can find them on ebay daily, especially on ebay UK...

Well, anyone is free to sell or to buy its but, please, identify it ALWAYS as "modern figure" or "new creation" (not a reproduction, not a new version).

I hope I have been helpful for collectors.

Sincerely, Pau
(and excuse me for my horrible english!)

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