Dear Oldgas friends.

Here Pau from Barcelona, Spain.

This bizarre statue/figure is a false piece, never existed before 2010-2011. It is cast made, with an "dirty patina" to look like real old.

Since 2010-2011 It is offered each week on ebay US and UK, sometimes described as "original" and with high prizes. Months ago I was discussing with an ebay seller who assured me: "This has been in my workshop for at least 15 years, bought with a job lot of bike parts". He was lying, of course.

Sometimes, the description includes a 1940s reference...
The french-based Michelin et Cie came in 1907 to American market, creating the Michelin Tire Company and erecting a big factory at Milltown, NJ.
The factory closed on 1930 due the Big Crash, and Michelin ceased operations in US until its return on 60s with Radial technology. So, there are no OLD items produced after 1930.

I know perfectly the story of Michelin Tire Co. official branded merchandising.

This statue It Is only an adaptation/copy very bad done of the real plaster (NEVER METAL) figure produced in 1920s only for US tire market to be displayed on Michelin stockist storefronts.

I know some collectors who have an original one.

Also, you can see on the web a real good replica produced in limited edition with Michelin Company permission, made and sold with honesty and respect and offered on the Coker Tire Co. web-site:

...wich is much more similar to the original figure. A real nice collectible.

Please, see images at pages 96-97 in the reference book THE MICHELIN MAN. An Unauthorized Advertising Showcase by Rudy Le Coadic. There are big diferences.

Best wishes from mediterranean Barcelona.


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