It is sad that you vets are bitching about listing pics of fakes vs original. i think this would be a very valuable tool for anybody in to this stuff.usually if you know the REAL it is pretty easy to tell the fake!i believe this would be very benefical to the hobby. remember this should only be used as a guideline. if you screw up it is on you!honestly i would like to see somebody publish a book on all known fakes ever to be created.when i got the porcelain enamel advertising guide by MICHAEL BRUNER & saw the coke BRAIN TONIC sign i was in awe. then to find out there was a major controversy about it & others i was floored.a sign that looks this right that could be wrong is nuts.looked right to me. so what are you to believe is short i believe it is up to all of us to help everyone out so theese do not get out & in to collections & back out in years to come.repops are hurting the hobby as a whole.