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I think it would be good to put the fake and the real signs next to each other so people could compare and learn the differences.

Real Good Idea to show original and repo pics to compare, as everyone isnt an expert like KZ1000! What about the Ford Hanging sign pictured over there? What does the real Ford one look like? Differences etc.. I thought it was going to be Gas and Oil sign pics there?

well unfortunately some of us don't have the real signs to post next to the repo...sometimes the sizes are the same however many of the the differences are in the thickness of the porcelain which is difficult to show in photograhs......

these photos are posted just to make people aware that people are reproducing this particular sign as some of us buyer other signs that are not gas & oil & actually Jim said "Members are encouraged to post images of troublesome signs and gas globes"...if the moderators don't like the photos of these other signs, just remove them

If that hanging Ford sign was an original it woiuld have disappeared very quickly for a buy it now of $785...An original in this condition would be easily $2500-$4500
Like KZ said, we can't do everything for people who don't know the difference, i would think they need to take some responsibility in the research & education it takes to make an educated decision on a major investment.......

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