After some input from members and moderators, it has been decided to drop the display of a member's Total Posts from the sidebar of each topic post. This has been a point of contention that distracts from the community's real focus of sharing info, pics, buy/sell and generally help one another.

The total number of posts for each member is still shown on each member's Profile. Member Profiles are only visible to registered members who are logged in. That is to protect the member's info & email address from spam abusers.

Our software "bad word" filter has been adjusted to remove alternate spellings of some unacceptable words. It is not a perfect solution. In the future, members who post unacceptable words by using clever mis-spellings, phonics or look-alike characters will be considered as violators the Membership Guidelines.

Those who use words, pictures, video or links to taunt others into a conflict will be considered as "throwing the first punch."

Rather than react to a conflict with a reply that includes unacceptable content, members are advised to use the "Notify" button on each post to tell a moderator about the questionable behavior.

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator