Maybe I don't understand the last post, but no matter what the expenses are, I only charge the sellers 10%, no more, no less. If I didn't charge a buyer's premium, they'd have to pay 20%, so whoever it "belongs" to, it still goes to pay the bills of the auction. My point, which is really just a personal theory I guess, is that the less the sellers have to cough up in commission, the more likely they are to allow the merchandise to be sold at a public auction where everyone has a chance to buy. About 7 years ago, when I instituted a BP and dropped the seller's commission, my auctions went from an average of $200K to an average of $400K. In other words, better stuff=better money. The bigger auctions, RM/Barrett/Kruse/Leake generally have a bigger BP and generally get more money than anybody else, go figure?

Seriously.....if you've got merchandise that you want to have auctioned, send it to me, if it brings a $1000, you're gonna get $900. No tricks or gimmicks.

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