I guess risk is/was a poor choice of words. Granted, my view of auctions is jaded by the fact that ALL of my sales are consignment-based, rather than one single estate. Generally, if I have a 500 lot auction, I own 100 pieces or so and maybe 10 other guys own the remaining 400. What I'm saying is, that most guys wouldn't give me the opportunity to auction there items if they had to shoulder the entire 20%, therefore, 99.9% of the buying public would not have the opportunity to then purchase the merchandise. What I'm trying to say, by splitting the 20% between the buyer & the seller, the quality & quantity of available merchandise goes up, so you are able to have more auctions. Obviously, when I attend one of Dan's sales as a buyer, I wish there were no buyer's premium, just like everybody else... BUT I understand that it is almost like a consumption tax, where I realize if I wasn't paying the 10% BP, chances are, I wouldn't have the opportunity to buy the stuff because the seller would've just privately sold the merchandise, rather than shoulder the entire 20%. What I'm saying is, by this hobby pretty much adopting a 10% Buyer's Premium as industry-standard, it has ensured itself more auctions which translate into more buying opportunities for the collective, rather than just a few guys that can afford 6-figure collections buying up all the merchandise. I hope that better explains my view....if not, we'll keep trying!!!