G'day All,

I appreciate this is an old thread but I actually used the search function for once so thought I would add to it instead of starting a new one.

I was cleaning out my dad's old stuff on the weekend and came across one of those Shell lighter dispensers similar to the second one of Don's in the photo's.

Dad's one is slightly different in that it has a round wooden base on it and the part that is coloured red on Don's version (the top 1/3rd panel) is yellow but otherwise identical.

I know that Dad was a Shell Exec here in Australia in the 1960's and this item sat on his study desk for as long as I can remember, at the very least since 1972, so I don't *think* it is a fake but a local collector tells me that fakes are very common.

Is there an easy way to tell? Why would the colour scheme on this one be different? Overall the condition is good, although I am embarrassed to admit it has been sitting in my garden shed since Dad died and so is pretty dirty and has a couple of minor spots of corrosion etc.

Anyway, was hoping one of you knowledgable gents could help me out! I am assuming I am better off not trying to restore this myself, right?