Went to a farm estate sale, it had run 3 days already the week before, but I knew they were cleaning out a few more buildings.

I go with a buddy we get there, first shed open..look inside ..see some RPM swirl 20 gallon barrels in the corner!! Now I have been looking for a few clean ones to display a barrel pump and to use for trash barrels, but they usually are trashed!!

These were under the roof, get price from the guy, pull the first one out some rust on bottom and a bit on lower back. The other 2 were on top of 5 gal pails BUT the building had settled and they were stuck under a shelf,would not budge. So we had to use a post and a block and lift the wall enough to wiggle them out, took 2 of us a while..but they are nice!! Then I get the barrel pump as well. buddy finds a nice dirty and hard to read Home OIL Co Flag grease tin..way back on a cluttered shelf. There was Pearl OIL square cans with most of the paper label, no tops. It looked like it said Standard Oil..Are those heating oil?? sure they were from the 20,s One faded Imperial Red Ball we left there. Later they let us clean out the attic (first dibs) of weird stuff, like model A timer with about 4ft of wiring harness hanging off it, clutchbands for early ford etc. My buddy notices a gap behind the bench, crawls on the floor feels under the lowest shelf pulls out a really nice Shell X100 soldered seam quart opened from the bottom!!

Later we are standing there they are pulling junk out of a cellar, out comes a Shell oiler with about a 16 inch spout on a pint tin! It says SPRING OIL. looks like 30,s..the pectin almost looks like a circle rather than a clam..I think 20's maybe..used to lube springs on Model A's I think..got that one it will clean up I hope!!

Aso got a Union 76 outboard quart.

Om a trailer in the yard my buddy says what are these lights, small about 4 in dual lights, now almost right way I start thinking 29 or 30 HD only made 2 years. I say are you taking them he says yes, 4.00 for 2. Now they need some work, had the orig wires hanging out, these are like gold!! (repos are 750 for a pair!!)

Cool stuff a lot of fun except for the packrat stuff falling down while buddy roamed the attic and passed stuff down!! We did pretty good considering it was the second round there and everyone said no oil stuff!!

Any other Farm Fresh stories, been a while since I had one!!

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